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tucci lumber bats

By: Jossi De La Torre

FORT MYERS— This past weekend at the Tucci Lumber Bat Challenge in Ft. Myers, Florida, we were able to gain some insight with Pete Tucci on the origin, success, and influence on Perfect Game Youth Florida of Tucci Bats. Pete Tucci is the founder and CEO of Tucci Lumber Bat Corporation that originated after Tucci’s professional baseball career in 2009. As we all may know, baseball is a “love at first sight” sport where it becomes difficult to move on from, Tucci is no different in this case and desired to continue contributing to baseball some way, somehow.  


“After playing professionally from 96’-02’, I was out of baseball for a while and then in 2009 as a way to get back into baseball on my wife’s recommendation she thought it would be a fun hobby to get back into baseball by making bats,” Tucci said.


Tucci began his journey of manufacturing authentic lumber bats in his garage as just a way to past time until he began selling to local youth players. Within a short period of time, Tucci says, “We ended up getting MLB approved and has now grown to the point where 160 MLB players use our bats.”


Tucci says, “We started at that level (MLB) and now we are coming to events like this and trying to spread the awareness of our brand around the country.”


Although Tucci faces adversity in competing within the baseball market of wooden bats, Tucci believes that his bats are authentic and possess great quality and despite the challenges of competing against bat brands like Louisville Slugger and Marucci he articulates that, “Coming from very small company that originated from a garage, it’s tough but we feel really strongly about our quality that reflects in our product and that is what led us here; never wavering on quality on our product and bringing the highest quality to not only major league players but travel ball players around the country.”


Tucci, has what some might say, “an advantage” due to his professional exposure of the game. He is aware of the flaws and strengths that he experienced with a bat and has then used the information to better his method in creating a one of a kind wooden bat. Unlike most companies, Tucci uses Lumber wood to provide a more genuine feel and impact a bat may experience with the player and ball.


When asked, ‘How does sponsoring Perfect Game Youth Florida Tournaments and exposing Perfect Game players to his bat affect his business’ Tucci answered, “Perfect Game has grown immensely, as everyone knows, in recent years with the elite youth baseball players in the country and to be able to sponsor a tournament alongside them and be a part of it just helps us get the brand awareness out.”


Due to Tucci Lumber’s initial partnership and exposure to major league players and being one of the top five manufactures of bats, Tucci expresses the importance in partnering with Perfect Game Youth Florida to further educate PGYFL players on the benefits of Tucci Lumber Bats.


“Being able to align ourselves with an organization like Perfect Game definitely allows us to get our brand awareness out and really hit, in what our minds is, the target market: elite youth players around the country, “Tucci said.


Tucci’s immediate goal is to engage with Perfect Game Youth Florida players in the knowing that they are soon to be the face of major league baseball. When asked what is his long-term goal for his company Tucci replied, “To try to continue to solidify a relationship with Perfect Game and as they grow and we continue to grow to try to nurture that relationship and hopefully grow together.”


It is greatly illustrated with the prosperity of both Perfect Game Youth Florida and Tucci Lumber Bats that working alongside excellence only catalyzes moments of growth and success. Perfect Game is grateful to be flourishing parallel to Tucci Lumber Bats and is looking forward to a promising future and partnership.