By: Jossi De La Torre

LAKE MYRTLE, FL – Perfect Game Youth Florida kicked off its season the first weekend of October just after recent set back from Hurricane Irma. For most teams, this was the first tournament that allowed all players to participate without the uncertainty that was left behind by the storm. Coaches, players, and parents were able to free their minds from the disorder and positively engage in the cultivating game of baseball.


PGYFL Reporting gathered with several players who expressed their value on what it means for them to back on the field playing the game that makes them feel the most resilient.


Outfielder, Josh Glazar of Florida League 2020 energetically expressed how baseball allows him to step outside of himself and focus on sharing unforgettable moments with those who bring him closer to the game.


“As soon as I step on the field I am a different person. I can change everything about me and I can stop being Josh and start playing the game. I can really step outside all the damage; all the problems in my life. I can focus on something as a team and really play with my brothers and have fun.”


Third baseman and Pitcher, Sam Brodersen from Power Baseball 2020 communicated his appreciation to be returning onto the field after two weeks of interruption. Brodersen believes that baseball serves as a path to a distinct world where no distractions are altering his love for the game.


Lastly, middle infielder and pitcher Cole Steimetz of Rawlings Legends revealed that his team was deprived from baseball for approximately a month due to the storm.


“You can tell we’ve been out for a month but we are still battling back because we’ve been together and it’s like a bond that’s hard to break in a storm.”


Steimetz considers baseball as a way to solely focus on the one thing and nothing else. “Whenever you’re on that field it’s all about one thing, it’s all about baseball you can’t think about anything else. It helps you clear your mind a lot. If you’re ever going through something just take some ground balls, cause’ you can’t think and play baseball at the same time.”


It is evident that Perfect Game Youth Florida players rely on the certainty that is provided through the feeling of playing with their teams. Together, PGYFL and Florida’s elite teams have made it obvious that there is no better way to heal and overcome adversity than through the forceful and unified game of baseball.