Our 2020 PGYF Prep Spring Season is right around the corner, and we are excited about our best season yet.  The revisions, additions, and modifications we have made this Spring are all one more step in our stride towards Perfection.  The league has been carefully planned to bring the greatest experience of League and Prep Baseball in each child’s life.  Most importantly, we keep Baseball fun.  Our season will be complete with everything we had for the Fall; including much, much, more.  

League Cost for the Fall will be as followed: $30 per game for umpires and league fee of $1,300.00 which will include baseballs and insurance.  Beyond cost, there will be much more this Fall; which will all be disclosed at the Coaches/Game Scheduling Meeting.  The Meeting will be Wednesday, January 22nd at 7:00pm, with the location to be announced.

 At the coaches meeting, be prepared to meet with the other coaches to schedule games for the season.  Have your calendar ready to schedule games, with help and assistance from the league.  Each team will play 14 games, plus Championship Tournament.  With kids having busy schedules, teams have the option of providing practices or not.  Each team will have the option to provide a scorekeeper to score your games electronically in DiamondKast (the PG system).  If you would like to bring your scorekeeper to the meeting, we will have a short training session on keeping score through the PG system.

 Tryouts, each team will be responsible for filling out rosters.  Players must live in the same area or communities and must be a middle school student (6th-8th grade).  Word of mouth, send your tryout info to, Facebook, and flyers at Middle Schools are great avenues to advertise your tryouts.  Players who live in a zone of a high school that doesn’t have a team, the player will be placed on the team, closes to the players address, that has an opening.  We are looking forward to a great season and hope to see you on the field.

Players looking to play but don't have a team, send us your info and we'll play you on a team closest to your address (if a spot is available).  Please email for individual registration with your name, address and grade.  


Coaches looking to start a PGYF Prep Baseball team click on the link below:


Prep Spring Schedule