Mother's Day

By: Jossi De La Torre

Through tough obstacles and grand triumphs players seek to the one person that knows them best; the one person who will be present in times of failure and in times of victory, the one person that they can call “Mom”. From the moment of existence, to now, and until the future moms will devotedly cheer on the side lines, push their sons to their highest potential and most importantly share their love for baseball.


Tournament after tournament, mothers dedicate their time to support players on and off the field to become the best individuals that they can be. Cristian Bolson from East Coast Tide 13u, believes that his mother does so much to contribute to his baseball career. Bolson expressed that his mom is one of a kind because, “She tries to understand what I need and is always able to listen and doesn’t count me aside.” There is no doubt that Bolson believes his mom knows him best and is able to pick out any areas where he needs improvement. When asked, what he appreciates most about his mom, Bolson answered, “Her presence.”


Andrew Lepine, player of Matrix Baseball 11u, also believes that his mother contributes greatly to his baseball. According to Lepine, his mom is present at all games ensuring that he is supported. He knows that his mom will always be around in the stands every weekend and admires how nice she truly is.


Ethan Jones of Krush Baseball 11u, shares his insight as to how his mom has made him a better ball player. When asked, how his mother goes above and beyond to enhance his playing Jones responded, “She takes me to every practice, throws with me outside, and has forgiveness.”


Gregory Saines of A-Team Black 13u, has a very big place for his mother in his heart. According to Saines his mother has always been a part of his baseball journey; from the moment he began playing till now. When asked in what ways his mom has helped improve his baseball skills Saines response was, “She feeds me balls at the tee and helps me train for agility.” Saines strongly confides in his mother to be there whenever he is in need, “My mom does everything for anybody. She goes out of her way to make anyone happy, especially me.”


Whether the players are 11 years old or 21, it is unmistakable that a mother’s love would never fade like the seams of a baseball glove. Mothers will stand behind home plate cheering their son and console them in times of overthrow. Mother’s will understand that although a fence may divide them on the field they will always be unified by the love of the game. Moms we thank you. We thank you for raising individuals who strive to be the best players all because they have you. From the Perfect Game Youth Family, Happy Mother’s Day.