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Coaches and their players

By: Jossi De La Torre

JACKSONVILLE-- Baseball is a sport that requires guidance from a coach and growth from a player. Coaches who compete within Perfect Game Youth Florida are coaches who exemplify the patience and dedication that is required to build a flourishing team. Players of Perfect Game put forth all their effort and concentration towards fulfilling their highest potential.


This past weekend in Jacksonville, FL players and coaches expressed their feelings on the impact that they have on one another. Sponsor, Travis Resmondo of Resmondo Elite expressed his sincere thoughts and effects of being a part of his player’s lives. Resmondo established his team in September of 2016 and has since then dedicated all his time into improving his players by working with other coaches and parents. At the start of his team’s career, Resmondo’s initial goal was to allow his son, Mason Resmondo, who also happens to be the youngest player of the team, to be exposed to elite teams that allow him to mature as a player. Resmondo is a part of every practice and is present at every game providing guidance to not only the players but parents as well. When asked, what is the main reason why he coaches youth players Resmondo responded, “To help give these kids opportunities for the world and to keep them off the streets.”


Players Mason Resmondo and Manuel Beltre of Resmondo Elite 12u, are both exceptional players who admire their coaches greatly. Resmondo believes that his coaches have helped him “get use to different pitches and know when to move me around in the outfield.” Beltre expressed that his coaches aid in his hitting but most importantly they help him understand “you always have to play with your heart.” Both Resmondo and Beltre feel that their transition to high school baseball will be smooth due to the amount of effort that their coaches put into making sure they are playing the game correctly and forcefully. When asked, what is one thing that he admires most about his coaches, Beltre answered, “They keep our mind in the game and they help us know that we are human and we make mistakes.”


Furthermore, Coach Gregg Boutwell of Riptide 14u, disclosed his views on what it means for him to be able to be a part of youth baseball. His biggest accomplishment thus far is having the opportunity to, “see players reach their highest potential and get better.” Boutwell expressed that although coaching younger players maybe difficult in terms of acquiring patience, he believes that it the most grateful experience because of “the trust that parents have put on me to not only help their kids become better ball players but better men.”


Jacob Mahoney of Riptide 14u, trusts in his coach’s positive energy to help him and his team mates stay energetic when the game presents a challenge. Mahoney expressed that despite all the difficulties a game can bring, his coaches “never put a player down and is always positive.” When asked what is one characteristic he admires most of his coaches, Mahoney’s response was, “They never bring a negative attitude into the dugout.”


It is imperative to fully see the positive impact that a coach and a player may have on one another. It could be simply suggesting a different bat stance or maybe something more complex, like deciding what college to attend. A player might have the effect of bringing forth a different perspective to a coach, a perspective that may change the game entirely, either way the weight of positivity is infinite; a coach would not be a coach without a player and player will never be able to strive without the guidance of these impeccable coaches of Perfect Game Youth Florida.